Q: What is included in a set of plans?
Plans sets include Front, Right, Left and Back Elevations, a foundation plan, a floor plan for each level, a roof plan and typical construction details.

Q: What is the difference between Reproducible plans, CAD plans and Blackline plans?
• Reproducible Plans are prints that are sold with a license to build multiple homes from one set of plans. Reproducibles may be copied and built many times by the original purchaser only. Reproducibles may not be resold, transferred or sub-licensed. Reproducible plans are printed on vellum and can be modified by a draftsman using traditional drafting techniques.
• CAD plans are sold in a digital format for using Computer Aided Drafting software. CAD plans are sold with a license to build multiple homes from one set of plans. Like reproducibles, CAD plans may be built many times by the original purchaser only. However, CAD plans may not be resold, transferred or sub-licensed. Modified Versions of original Peek Design Group, Inc. Plans are considered derivative versions under the Copyright law and are considered the same at the original work. We use DataCad to create all our drawings. CAD plans will be in DataCad format, but can be supplied in .dwg format, however there may be some loss of information regarding the organization of the file as well as the possibility that line types, colors, fonts, etc. may be modified in the process.
• Blackline Plans are sold with a license to build only one home from the set of plans purchased. This type is most commonly used for a homeowner wishing to build a personal home. Blackline Plans may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

Q: What is your return policy?
All purchases of plans are final. No exchanges or refunds.

Q: Can I make modifications to the plan I’ve selected?
If you buy CAD or Reproducible Plans we can make changes or you can have a qualified designer or architect in your area make changes. Blackline Plans cannot be reproduced; therefore only simple red-line changes will be practical. If you want to make modifications to the plan, it is probably going to be best to order CAD or Reproducible Plans and contact us about making the changes or work with a qualified designer or architect locally. Be sure and ask them which format they prefer before ordering.

Q: Do I need mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans?
We have found that the most practical solution is to work with reputable mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors and have each of them provide the system design appropriate for your home. Some plans do provide a suggested electrical layout for switches, outlets and fixtures, however these are only suggested locations and may not meet your specific needs or local codes. Always work with a qualified designer or contractor when making these decisions.

Q: Why don’t you provide interior drawings for your plans?
Over several years of working with many different builders, we have found that the builder and homeowner typically do not refer to these drawings but prefer to work with the interior trim contractor and the cabinet supplier to personalize the designs and selections that would be reflected in the interior elevation and kitchen/bath cabinet elevation details. Therefore we do not to include these drawings in our plans.

Q: I’m a builder and I need a plan that I can build many times in a community, what’s the best plan set option for me to purchase?
In order to build more than one home from the same plan, you will need to purchase either the CAD plans or the Reproducible plans. Blackline plans are made available at a discounted rate for the homeowner that only wants to build the house once.

Q: I’m a homeowner looking for a plan for my personal home, what do I need to order?
If you are looking to build your personal home one time then you will only need a license to build once and will probably only need to order the blackline version of the plans. However, if you think you may need to have plan modifications done, you will need to order the reproducibles or CAD file, depending on how your local contractor will make the modifications.

Q: How do I order a plan, if I don’t want to order online?
Call us at 770-222-4345. We are happy to assist you with the purchase of your new home plan.

Q: How do I know the plan I choose will work for my homesite?
• You should carefully discuss the necessary elements of your homesite with your builder, or a site engineer. There may be zoning requirements, easements or a multitude of other issues that will need to be considered when choosing the appropriate width, depth, and size of your home.
• The footprint size is available on the Peek Design website to compare with your site restrictions.
• You will also need to decide what type of foundation design will be appropriate for your site and needs. Be sure and check what is available before ordering. If you need a foundation type that is not available, we can provide other types for a nominal fee.
• If you can’t get the information that you need from the website, call us for additional information.

Q: My builder said I needed a home with a right side garage, but the plan I like has a left side garage, what can I do?
Peek Design Group offers reverse plans for many of the plans offered. However if there is not one available for your particular plan, don’t worry. We can create a reverse plan for a nominal fee. Please call for a quote.