Custom Design
You already have a dream home in mind. Peek Design Group provides you with a custom design that will fill in every detail in a way that is both creative and cost-efficient. For every project, we go through a definitive 4-step process that helps ensure that your dream is realized in full. Call us today at 770.222.4345 for an immediate consultation.
STEP 1: The Imagination Phase: Bring us your dreams, wishes, photos, magazine cut-outs and sketches of what you want your new home to be. This phase includes a meeting with us during which we can discuss your ideas and you can review our portfolio of designs. After we determine the scope of your project, we’ll provide you with a Proposal of Design Services that includes an anticipated schedule and an estimate of fees. [More]
STEP 2: The Preliminary Design Phase: After you commission Peek Design and become our client, the original design for your home begins to take shape. We will provide you with preliminary designs - usually in the form of hand-sketched drawings - that present the basic design of your new home, from its elevation and floor plan to the way it occupies space. This is a dynamic phase that may involve several meetings until everything is exactly the way you want it. [More]
STEP 3: The Construction Drawing Phase: These drawings are more precise and are completed using CAD (Computer Aided Design) for enhanced accuracy and precision. These drawings are, in essence, a set of instructions for building your dream home and will be needed by your builder for bidding and construction. At the end of this phase, we will schedule a final meeting to review all of your plans. Your builder - if chosen - would be encouraged to attend. [More]
STEP 4: The Construction Phase: We stay involved with you throughout this phase. We can help you with everything from the selection of your builder to your choice of colors, materials and finishes. We recommend that you have us inspect the construction of your house at several points: at foundation; at framing; at the completion of drywall; after it is trimmed; and just before you move in. We’re here throughout the construction process to make sure that quality and style remain consistent, and that your home is being built according to the original design intent. [More]