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STEP 2: The Preliminary Design Phase
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STEP 2: The Preliminary Design Phase: Once we have together established the program for your home, we will take all of the information that you have conveyed to us, and begin the design process for your new home. This phase is the most important part of the creative process as a functional solution is produced to meet all your requirements and specifications.

We will study the neighboring structures, lot orientation, topography, local vegetation, and the neighborhood if possible. We will carefully consider all of the elements that we discussed during the programming phase and as everything is digested, a design will emerge that will reflect the thoughts and dreams that you have longed to fulfill.

As these ideas and designs are envisioned, we will begin putting them on paper with a series of sketches know as "Preliminary" or "Schematic" designs. These sketches present the basic design of your new home. It includes the floor plan, the heart of your new home. It also includes the creation of the architectural style for the facade or "Front Elevation", which reflects our creativity and your aesthetic vision.

Once the design is completed, we ask you to come back to meet and review all of the elements of the design with us. If you are a couple, it is important that both of you attend the meeting as there are always differences of opinion, even in the best of marriages!

Together we will analyze the drawings and note the layout and size of all the rooms, their connection to each other, the flow of space, ceiling heights, etc. We will review how the house will be positioned on the site and verify that all programming issues are addressed. It is vital that the preliminary design captures the essence of what your home will be and that we all agree about the design direction. It is much easier to make changes at this stage when your project is in sketch form than later when a great many hours have been spent working on construction documents or even later when foundations have been poured and walls erected.

We will ask you to take the plan and study it for several days to be sure it is just the way you want it. This will be a dynamic process and may be repeated until all elements of the design are exactly the way you desire.

Now is a good time to present the drawings to one or more builders to solicit preliminary estimates.

It should be noted that these schematics are by no means adequate for construction. Before you are ready to start building we will need to think through how the house will be constructed, and to document those decisions in a set of Construction Drawings, suitable for obtaining the necessary permits, and for building the project. Depending on the complexity of your home or your desire for further documentation, further design development may be necessary, and may include additional architectural design as well as civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, or electrical engineering.

Once you have reviewed the Preliminary Design and we have documented any modifications you wish to make, we will invoice you for that service and proceed to Step 3.