Custom Design
STEP 3: The Construction Drawing Phase
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STEP 3: The Construction Drawing Phase: This phase sets down on paper all the decisions made to this point so they can be incorporated into the built house. These working drawings, which can also be called construction documents or blueprints, consist of drawings that show in greater detail the quantities and relationships of all the work required to build your new home.

This is a complete set of computer-drafted Architectural Construction Drawings, including detailed floor plans, all exterior elevations (4 sides), typical wall section and other details as required, as well as the roof plan. We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) for all of our projects to enhance the accuracy and precision of the drawings.

These drawings are, in essence, a set of instructions for building your dream home and will be needed by your builder for bidding and construction. These construction documents become a part of your contract with the general contractor or builder and establish his contractual obligations. In addition, these drawings may be needed when applying for a building permit.

If we feel it is necessary, we will suggest that a structural engineer be involved to provide computations for any unusual or special conditions. This may be required due to steeply sloping terrain, soil conditions, seismic environment, snow, rain or wind loading environment, or due to the use of non-standard structural design, e.g. cantilever, pre or post-tensioned structural elements for long unsupported spans. There may also be other conditions that make it advisable or mandatory to use a structural engineer for the design. We can also provide HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical design services. Normally these services are provided by the contractors involved in the construction of your home, but special conditions may warrant design by a licensed professional.

At the end of this phase, we will schedule a final meeting to review all of your plans. Your builder - if chosen - would be strongly encouraged to attend.

The design process ends essentially at this point. Depending on what type of contract arrangement you have decided upon, your relationship with your builder, and your confidence in your own ability to administer the construction of the house, you may ask us to hand over the "permit Set" and wish you the best, or you may wish to retain our services to continue with your through construction.