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STEP 4: The Construction Phase
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STEP 4: The Construction Phase: Your first step in constructing you home is to decide who will be your builder, and what type of agreement or contract your will utilize. There are a number of ways to select a contractor. The first and most traditional approach is to as two or three contractors to bid the project using the completed construction drawings. The lowest bidder is often selected to do the work, but not always. As your architect, we can help you make the contractor selection based on the best value.

Another approach is to pre-select the general contractor early in the design process and work together to obtain input during the design process. Once the construction documents have been completed, your contractor will often obtain competitive bids from subcontractors. This approach is used quite commonly, and can be very helpful to provide expertise and experience from a construction standpoint during the design phase.

Regardless of which approach you take, you will find that our involvement in suggesting contractors and assisting in the selection process can be of great assistance. However, the final choice is up to you.

Once you have decided on your builder and type of contract, construction will begin. As you start to see progress, there will also be many questions that will arise regarding the intent of the design. Even the best two-dimensional documents cannot fully convey all aspects of a three-dimensional building without being open to interpretation. Knowing the intent of the drawings is crucial to proper interpretation. The architect is the best qualified to provide assistance to ensure your finished home is built as intended.

This assistance to the contractor usually consists of answering questions by phone, providing regular site visits to observe the work, providing supplemental drawings as requested by the contractor, reviewing shop drawings, materials and product samples, and reviewing requests for design changes. Our involvement in this phase can make a smooth transition from construction documents to a completed project.

At a minimum, we recommend that you have us inspect the construction of your home at several key points, including the foundation, framing, at completion of the installation of all mechanicals, after drywall, after it is trim, and a final inspection before you move in. We are also able to help you with material and color selections to ensure the consistency of the quality and style of your finished home.

Whatever construction involvement you desire for us to have, your architect can ease the way by helping you avoid wrong turns and directing you to solutions you never would have otherwise considered. The result will be a unique home created to meet your needs and dreams, express your individuality, and to provide enjoyment to everyone who uses it.